Lifestyle Medicine

Lifestyle Medicine

Welcome to Therapeutic Lifestyle Change. A home for information on Lifestyle Medicine the essence of therapeutic lifestyle changes. You will be happy you found us. It could be a chance for you to begin using Lifestyle Medicine to deal with chronic conditions, or avoid them. With help and input from your doctor, along with information from this site, Lifestyle Medicine can truly change your life, one step at a time. Our goal is to inform about the newest advances in medical science related to how food can result in superior expression of genes through nutrition and lifestyle. The primary system used to provide this knowledge is a program called “Nutritional Therapy” and is based upon the most recent science including Functional Medicine, which incorporates standard and homeopathic or natural medical treatments.

Though using the high grade supplements, the program is designed to make you self sufficient, and not stuck buying products to keep going, or stuck going to a Doctor to get them. This is a comprehensive Lifestyle Medicine approach to health, wellness with the result that you lose weight as well. Lifestyle Medicine is the newest and most promising approach to designing customized wellness plans to address the unique characteristics of each person, and use food and moderate body movement therapy to lose fat and gain muscle tissue, while eating more than you are now, and not adding a rigorous workout! Please look around and subscribe to our blog and keep updated on the latest news and studies dealing with your health and tools and resources for proper nutrition and better health.

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