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Watching Weight, or Losing Weight?

If you research the best foods to eat that are in harmony with creating health and losing weight¬†and causing the body to function properly, you will often hear the terms “Mediterranean Diet”. Simply put, this is a regimen high in vegetables, low in carbs and with a small amount of meat or concentrated protein for each serving. You will also note that it includes variegated assortments of vegetables of different types and colors, which all serve to stimulate different cellular functions. This menu plan reduces stress on the body, cleans the cardiovascular system, as well as the GI tract, which by the way accounts for a large part of your immune system, much more than most people think.

We will be posting various menu regimens, and also recommending the associated supplements to go along with these programs. We will list the value of the components, what they do and how to schedule your days intake of foods and snacks to be sure to maximize your individual metabolism. We will also be putting together some packages to make the process simpler. Following these recommendations will result in losing not just weight, which is often a mixture of fat and muscle, along with water. This loss will be almost exclusively fat! These methods are tried and true, and will prevent most people from succumbing to lap-band or gastric bypass alternatives. We encourage all who try it to monitor their progress with their doctor, and feel free to ask us anything and we will do our best to answer your questions and concerns.

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