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Why Good Nutrition is Such A Powerful and Easy Tool to Lose Weight Fast

By James, Firstline Therapy Certified Lifestyle Educator, and Nutritional Consultant

How It Began

Some healthcare practitioners, weight loss advocates and nutritionists, though fully credentialed and with good intentions, can give bad advice if not up to date on the latest advances in nutritional medicine. Some can tend to be fanatical about using exclusively natural or herbal methods, thinking all allopathic or traditional medicine is evil. Some natural, and allopathic medical doctors even support or promote radical, dangerous methods for weight loss that unjustifiably risk Health or even lives. The science presented and referred to on this site stands on the science of physiology, and microbiology as well as the merits of research studies that include scientific approaches to safe and effective weight and health management  that will be cited. This site serves merely as a conduit to channel this information to those persons who wish to learn how to maximize health. All information is not medical advice, but knowledge intended to be used in conjunction with your healthcare practitioner, and with their guidance and oversight. No information you will find is intended to directly treat or diagnose any condition, but only to serve as a springboard for further research and discussion with your licensed practitioner to assist you in being informed so as to be able to discuss these things intelligently with your healthcare provider.

Nutrition & Weight Loss at Home

Research has found that by addressing diet, and changing long-held patterns that result from nothing more than the culture we all live in, you can change your health and deal with many conditions naturally and without or with minimal pharmaceutical intervention, with a positive change in body composition as a by-product. Just by adjusting your menu. you can have far more energy, and be in overall better physical condition, and many times without adding any additional exercise at all! With some additional exercise, but without anything excessive, your health can be improved and it can result in even significant weight loss.  This is really often about biochemical signals within the body and getting the proper proportions of macro and micro-nutrients, something that we have a great deal of control over.

A Change in Health and Direction

There are a few areas of study, and we encourage research into nutritional healthcare (use of nutrition to control body chemistry and address illness and chronic disorders), nutrigenomics (the effect of specific nutrients in diet and supplementation on specific outward expression of genes in the DNA, or basically what DNA decides to “publish” of all the written information contained inside it), and nutritional pharmacology (the use of therapeutic doses of concentrated nutrients as pharmacological agents to address specific acute and chronic disorders). We also recommend the program we subscribe to Nutritional Therapy, discussed below.

Functional Medicine?

All of these factors are what make up Functional Medicine. Functional Medicine is not simply naturopathic or herbal medicine. Functional Medicine is comprehensive medical discipline including both allopathic (standard medicine utilizing pharmaceutical agents and surgical techniques) and natural remedies, instead of proudly narrowing its scope to one or the other, drawing lines of battle like so many fanatics on either side might. It specifically targets the individual biochemical factors of each persons genetic makeup and environmental stimuli, enabling the bodies natural mechanisms to more efficiently and effectively work together to create health from the cellular level, rather than just fight disease at the systemic level. It is all about regulating the chemical signals the body uses to activate positive genetic expression, and deactivate the negative genetic predispositions, which plunge the body into storms of disease and poor health. This serves to positively regulate all body systems.

Nutritional Therapy

Enter Nutritional Therapy. It is not actually a weight loss program, though weight loss is usually a natural byproduct of using the program. It is a comprehensive Therapeutic Lifestyle Change program that is systematic in its  implementing specific targeted lifestyle change options targeted at particular health concerns. While doctors use the program, it is not actually an FDA approved medical treatment, and so I must include all the disclaimers apply about the program and any advice found in it as not treating, diagnosing, curing, or specifically dealing with any disorder. However as with health in general, when you address your overall health, your entire bodies overall condition is helped by the body’s natural ability to maintain and heal itself, something doctors always rely on. The FDA cannot argue that eating better, and living an active healthy lifestyle is best, so no disclaimer needed for that!

Nutritional Therapy is a system of therapy based upon educating the client on specific tools and techniques they can use to improve health and vitality through proper nutrition, supplementation of deficiencies where appropriate. Its about developing a pattern of life that systematically builds the body’s ability to make itself stronger. Weight loss is also a positive side effect.

Also Check out the Blog for updated information and recent studies that will enhance your understanding of the science behind TLC and the functional medicine approach to healthcare. While not eliminating the need for traditional medicine, you can be healthier and have a more vital existence.

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