The Onslaught of Type 2 Diabetes

diabetes metabolic syndrome diet lose weightThe Modern Western diet has created a generation of people who are held captive to bad food choices which ultimately destroy their body’s natural biochemical balance. Insulin is a hormone secreted by the pancreas to assist cells in transporting sugar from the bloodstream into the cells where the mitochondria use it as energy.
Processed foods and foods high in sugar cause the glucose levels in the bloodstream to spike, or raise very quickly which sends a disproportionate amount of sugar into the blood resulting in excessive insulin production. When the cells sense the excess, they start to ignore the insulin in a process that has been termed insulin resistance. This results in bad sugar metabolism, dysfunctional insulin receptors in the cells, and ultimately leads to Type 2 adult onset Diabetes.
With minor modifications in menu planning and food intake studies indicate a person can manage this condition and in many cases reverse its affects. Meal size, type and timing of meals all play an important role in this process, and are simple to adjust. With minimal supplementation, a person suffering from this condition can start down a path to recovery, and all without any drugs in most cases.