Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional Therapy is Not a Diet

First we must say what Nutritional Therapy is not. It is not an exercise regimen, and it is not simply a diet. Nutritional Therapy does not require you to buy special gear, or eat specially prepared meals that you must perpetually buy*. You do not need to pay a fitness trainer, or spend hours at the gym (unless you really want to).

Truly Based in Science

Nutritional Therapy is a scientific approach to using food and nutrition as an actual therapeutic device to enhance the natural processes that cause your body to fix itself and develop a healthy overall composition. This is something all medicine relies heavily upon. While most medicine will often deal with symptoms so you can be more comfortable as your body fixes itself, this program actually fuels the molecular processes that give your body the power to do the repairs.

The newest science and advances in healthcare have given rise to greater understanding of the biochemical balance that creates health and mitigates chronic disease. The emerging science of epigenetics, (‘epi’ meaning“above” the gene), identify the recently mapped human genome as the bodies computer hardware while the information we give it with chemical signals through food and environment, the software. Our food, the specific nutrients or even toxins we take in, and the environment we create, actually control to a large degree how our genes are ‘expressed’, meaning how these genes actually work, and what they do to change our body. This results in either proper cell function, making our bodies stronger, or cell function breakdown, resulting in weak, poor, or just faulty signaling which is responsible for many chronic conditions.

Accepted by the Medical Community

More and more physicians are realizing that nutritional care is not simply some mantra of health supplement fanatics and herbal gurus. Informed and forward thinking doctors are actively incorporating Therapeutic Lifestyle Change (TLC) right within the walls of their traditional allopathic medical practice. Many of them use Nutritional Therapy because it is a solid and scientifically sound model.

Preventative Medicine as a standard For Care

The Surgeon General issued a report which explains the current state of health in the United States, which is the same in most of the developed world, and expresses the need for therapeutic lifestyle change as a first line of therapy for controlling the pandemic obesity and negatively altered body composition that threatens the quality of life of a very large segment of society. Her recommendations include making “healthy lifestyle choices” which can be foods, supplements, and healthy levels of activity. But as she indicates, it is a deeply cultural issue, and a difficult one to change. Each person must be determined to educate themselves to better utilize the options available to them. But the education is not coming from food producers. They will produce and sell whatever people will buy and makes the most money.

Where Food is the Enemy

Diseases like Type 2 Diabetes and other chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia, and the newest major concern of many in medicine, “leaky gut syndrome” which has been attributed by some to many conditions including even rheumatoid arthritis, are often brought on or exacerbated by inappropriate habits which have become the cultural norm for most people. Because of modern food production, and the ‘fast food’ mentality along with high sugar content and excessive processing, we are bombarded by bad food choices, and little information to really combat this onslaught. Some peoples genetic makeup makes them more susceptible to serious effects of improper choices. Without the knowledge of how to change life patterns properly, there is a cycle of destructive forces that take people from bad to worse resulting in a very poor quality of life. Sometimes even a shorter one.

Don’t Change Who You are, But What You Are

Medical science has begun to be able to actually explain in real scientific terms what your mom meant when she said ‘you are what you eat’. In recent years scientists have measured molecular biochemical processes within our cells which show the actual mechanisms which can both create the environment for, or block the development of disease. By identifying these mechanisms and addressing them specifically with nutritional adjustments through food choice and proper supplementation, case study after case study has seen real and measurable improvement in the quality of life and health of people for whom modern medicine has had little to offer but ineffective symptom relief through potentially damaging pharmaceuticals with horrible side effects.

Become a Master Programmer

If our bodies are a giant computer, then food is the software that makes the computer respond either favorably or unfavorably. Nutritional Therapy is the educational tool you can use to become empowered to take control of programming your own life and maximizing your body’s vitality and proper composition. With no special meals to buy*, and very limited nutritional supplementation, learn to use your own grocery store and we can formulate a plan specific to your body’s composition and makeup. You can get a reading from various bio-impedence machines to measure not just BMI (Body Mass Index), but the actual distribution of fat, water, bone and lean mass, and monitor the effects of diet and activity over time in actual numbers with progressive testing throughout the standardized 12 week program. This is a practical healthy living program, and not a weight loss program per se. But because you are changing the fundamental building blocks of your body, the loss of unwanted fat is the natural by product of making these lifestyle changes, and you will not be eating less than you do now, you will simply change the way you eat. Most people complain that there is too much to eat on this program!
We can help you devise a personal plan to make the program uniquely suited to your needs and even formulate a regimen that you can use to create your own menu plan.

Contact us to see how a Nutritional Therapy program can change your life!

*As a part of the Nutritional Therapy program, to enhance the speed of results, a person may choose to use supplements and medical foods, designed for and incorporated into the menu plans suggested.

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